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Representative Job Site for Jobs by Region and Occupation in KOREA. Check out job information for a variety of professional jobs on the job portal group 'JOBBAND'.
  • PC & Mobile Multiple Site

    PC environment that can be searched in detail, and mobile version is also provided so that you can utilize the information in real time from the outside.

  • Detailed Employment Information

    Get faster, faster, and more accurate real-time information. You can find out the job information you want to know, the talent information your company wants to know in detail.

  • Community Functions

    This service includes community functions to share the company's latest information, marketing information, and business networking information. Share more information.

  • Free job registration

    You can register the required job information for free. Get a quick look at the advanced talent that's right for your business with a granular information platform.

  • Free resume registration

    Appeal for yourself. A company that needs you is looking for you. It's the first step in finding a company that has the skills, the skills and the experience you have.

  • Job matching-consulting

    Get personalized consulting for rapid and accurate recruitment and employment. We'll connect you with the right job seekers or qualified people for our company.

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According to the special characteristics of foreign employment, our site is divided into English version and Korean version.
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Easy from the start

There are two main distinctions: Jobseekers and Search, which are simple configurations that come in at a glance, but show all the important and detailed items you need in your job information.
Fast and accurate job information, the solution you were looking for.

Job Search

Job information can be retrieved by categories of industries and occupations, and by work area. Easily find and apply for a job that you need through accurate and detailed job information.

Job Seekers

Job seekers' information can be retrieved by job type (major, career, desired) and desired work area. You can selectively enter a sub-segmented list of important information that expresses you, and company can see this.

Changing the way you communicate

Mobile job information is provided and communication functions are provided.

From Anywhere

All services in the JOBBAND Group support reactive websites for real-time information anytime, anywhere.

Community Functions

Includes a variety of SNS-based community menus that allow you to share and communicate business-related information for each professional.

Marketing Information

Maximize communication by including a marketing information sharing function that can be used by businesses and individuals.

Here! World's largest portal sites

It operates 95 job sites specialized by professional occupations. You can find the specialized site you are looking for in the category below.
Office job and business

Office job and business

General Office, Planning, strategy, and managementgeneral affairs, legal affairs, personnel management, and laboraccounting and accounting

The individual sites in that category appear below, and when clicked, the individual sites are linked to the new window.

IT & Communications & Media, Marketing

IT & Communications & Media, Marketing

IT, internet, network, design, content, marketing, advertising, promotion, social studies, studying abroad

The individual sites in that category appear below, and when clicked, the individual sites are linked to the new window.

SC – Features

Work overseas agency service

We offer agency services for companies that want to hire workers and talented workers who want to work in Korea in conjunction with Korean companies.


You look for a job in KOREA? Our service explains the main steps and gives you valuable tips from the preparation to the job interview.

A Foreign Employment Expert

JOBBAND have more than 15 years of experience and know-how in employment to help foreigners find jobs in Korea.

A Foreign Employment VISA

JOBBAND link it with the administrative office so that we can get the visa required by the job openings that are secured for employment in Korea.

Settlement Life Support

In order to become a stable and continuously developing worker, JOBBAND provide a service to support the settlement of life in Korea.

You want more information about living and working in S.KOREA? Our experts answer your questions and give you valuable tips. Please contact the form email at the bottom of the screen.

Cross Company Manpower Sourcing

Overseas organizations, agencies, and JOBBAND work together to connect the necessary talent in Korea to employment.

Step 1. International Manpower Offer

We select foreign manpower needs in Korea and share them with our overseas sourcing partners. Determines the scope of the workforce, capabilities required, etc.

Step 2. Training and Supply Preparation

The company conducts training on skills, attitudes, and behavior by selecting applicants who want to perform specific tasks after evaluating the needs of the company.

Step 3. Interview & VISA + Departure process

After the technical training assessment and interview is completed, the visa is prepared and the departure process is carried out in order to work in Korea according to due process.

The JOBBAND is...
The JOBBAND is...

JOBBAND is helping workers with various expertise around the world find jobs as stable and visionary Korean companies. We specialize in healthcare, retail, housekeeping, construction workers, catering and chefs, agriculture, factory workers, and aircraft maintenance technicians.

We appreciate the experience workers have gained in various industries in the supply of human resources from around the world and we believe it is the mutual benefit of job agencies and workers.

Job Sites and Community Sites Worldwide Deployment Services

We will build jobs and community sites optimized for each country. Fast and accurate web services enable you to drive a successful global manpower business.

We will be at the forefront of the job market, including global workforce dispatch, education and contracting.

JOBBAND Korea operates 95 job sites specialized in job openings and over 100 diverse community sites. At JOBBAND, these successful solutions can be customized, installed, and provided in each country to facilitate the successful dispatch of manpower to overseas (Korea) as well as successful local manpower businesses. We help you with a consortium with JOBBAND.

JOBBAND is an agency that connects employment between countries with the installation of job site and community site solutions, and is a job partner with you or an agency.

Request for business proposal

We look forward to the overseas job agency's proposal to contribute together to build a global network of highly skilled workforces who can help requested Korean companies achieve their missions and goals.

agency service

Ready to Get Started?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find a job or hire a job in Korea. We will match you more conveniently and accurately to match the job placement for various professional occupations.
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Professional Jobs Portal 'JOBBAND Group' for foreigners recruitment agency. Recruitment · Outsourcing · Workforce Contracting · Headhunting Portal Recruiting Company.

Consulting related to hiring offline in the office is also available. Please contact us with your interest.

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